Dry port «Krymsk»

Multimodal logistics center to
servecargo flows of the
Novorossiysk seaport
The object is located in the Krymsk, Krasnodar region. Distance to the port of Novorossiysk - 53 km
Distance to Krasnodar - 102 km
Dry port «Krymsk» occupies an area of 5.2 hectares.
Total area of all structures is 11 000 sq.m.
Structures under construction more than 5,500 sq.m.

Site 1 covered warehouse - 6000 sq.m.
Site 1 covered warehouse - 3000 sq.m. under construction
Site 2 covered warehouse - 5000 sq.m.
Site 2 covered warehouse - 2500 sq.m.under construction
Container yard 2 - 3000 TEU

Usable length of own railroad tracks - 3.2 km

The terminal is directly adjacent to the federal highway A146.
The terminal is equipped with railroad tracks and deadlocks, allowing to serve 45 wagons at a time.
The capacity of railroad tracks of the whole terminal is up to 150 wagons.
Modern loading equipment fleet of more than 50 units.
and security
The entire territory of the terminal is fenced and a checkpoint is installed.
11000 sq.m.
Area of covered warehouses
5500 sq.m.
Area of warehouses
under construction
3000 TEU
Container yard
Dry port «Krymsk»
• 53 km to Novorossiysk seaports
• Direct exit to the A146 highway
• Own railroad tracks and dead ends
We provide a
unique service
to our clients.
  • Long-distance rail delivery, which is significantly cheaper than road delivery.
  • Processing of cargo using logistic docking of rail and road transportation at our terminal, regardless of the workload of Novorossiysk's rail infrastructure and its marine terminals.
  • Acceptance of the customer's cargo in railcars, processing according to requirements, loading into a container and further auto delivery to the port ("last mile").
  • Consolidation of container shipments with further delivery by a special rail shuttle to the port terminals and back to the dry port of Krymsk, avoiding additional storage costs at the port and problems with constant loading of rail infrastructure on the approaches to Novorossiysk.
Our advantages
Exceptional location with its own railroad line in the town of Krymsk
Handling of rail cargo with consolidation and shipment by sea containers to different destinations. Acceptance and dispatch of containers by rail shuttle.
Types of cargo
Handling of all types of cargo.
Oil transfer and grain
Modern fleet of loading equipment
Operating time
3-shift work - 24/7
Phased construction
It is possible to build dry terminals and put them into operation in stages, as well as to develop the complex by adapting the facilities for any cargo.
Oil transfer and
grain complexes
The Krymsk dry port allows for the transshipment of vegetable and mineral oils, as well as the handling of niche grain crops.
Oil transshipment
and chemical liquids

Transshipment of oils or chemical liquids from rail tank cars or road tank cars into flexi-tanks for further shipment by containers.

Processing per day:

  • from 8 rail tank cars
  • from 10 tank trucks
Transshipment of grain crops

Transshipment of grain crops from hopper cars and grain trucks for further shipment by containers.

Processing per day:

  • from 12 railroad wagons-feeders
  • from 20 grain trucks
Acceptance and dispatch of container trains

Possibility to receive and dispatch container trains:

  • Consolidation of ship containers with further delivery by special rail shuttle to port terminals.
  • Acceptance/unloading/loading - change from export to import and back.
Dry port «Krymsk»
Development Options.
Option 1 | Option 2
Dry Port «Krymsk» has a dedicated area for handling refrigerated containers and related refrigerated equipment, and can perform the following works and services:
  • Simultaneous connection of 10 units of 40 REF;
  • Possibility to expand the number of connected ref. containers up to 30 units;
  • online monitoring of the temperature condition.
  • Setting up the initial start-up operation of the refrigeration container;
  • Output of the ref. container to the operating mode;
  • Service maintenance of the container's refrigeration equipment.
Additional services
  • Issuance of PTI certificate for container line;
  • Installation of diesel generator on ref. containers on the railway platform as a part of mechanical sections or separately.
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