PLC «Tomilino Lite Industrial»
A new project of production and logistics real estate of Light industrial format with the area of self-contained blocks and mezzanine from 735 sq.m.
The object is located in the S.E. of the MR (Tomilino)
1st line of Novoryazanskoye Highway
Distance from MKAD - 8 km.
The production and logistics complex is located on an area of 18 hectares and consists of 55+6 standard Light Industrial modules with a minimum self-contained unit and mezzanine from 735 sq.m.
The total area of all buildings is 101,952 sq.m, of which the total area of warehouses is 96,768 sq.m.
Innovative environmentally friendly materials and technologies at the level of international standards were used in the construction.
Possibility to customise the warehouse area and mezzanine according to the customer's requirements.
Each building is equipped with communication systems: water supply, storm and central sewerage, electricity and gas supply. All systems work thanks to connection to the city and own networks.
Warehouse and office premises are equipped with centralised security and fire-fighting systems.
The management company provides tenants with all modern telecommunication services, maintenance, cleaning and rubbish removal.
and security
The whole territory of the complex is fenced, provided with access control and video surveillance systems, has asphalt and concrete pavement, a checkpoint is installed.
18 Ha
Site area
101 952 sq.m.
Area of objects
Light industrial
Object format
PLC «Tomilino
Lite Industrial»
• 8 km from MKAD along Novoryazanskoye Highway
• Entry and exit in the direction to Moscow
• The nearest settlements:
Tomilino, Lytkarino, Lyubertsy

• 1 min. walk to the bus stop
• 20 min. from MCD-3 Tomilino by public transport
• 20 min. from Kotelniki metro station by public transport
• 10 min. from MKAD by car
Light Industrial -
segment of industrial and logistics real
estate consisting of modules with
self-contained units and mezzanine.
55+6 Light Industrial type modules
• Total area of a typical module: 1470 sq.m.
(warehouse 1120 sq.m., mezzanine 350 sq.m.)
• Working height 10m
• 4 Separate docks for different modes of transport

Minimum self-contained unit with mezzanine:
• Total floor area of the minimum unit: 735 sq.m.
(warehouse 560 sq.m, mezzanine 175 sq.m)
• 2 Separate docks for different modes of transport

Scheme of construction

Stages of construction
The construction of the PLC «Tomilino Light Industrial», an environmentally friendly and climate-friendly complex, is being carried out in two stages.
Construction of the first phase has already begun.
The overall completion of this innovative commercial facility is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2024.
  • Construction and commissioning in phases of 1.5-6k sq.m.
  • Modern design of production, warehouse and office premises
  • Equipped car parks for trucks and cars
  • Asphalt and concrete pavement, road markings
  • Three-layer eco-friendly sandwich panels on the facade and roof, three-layer double-glazed windows
  • Prefabricated reinforced concrete frame. Vertical connections are placed on the façade to increase the efficiency of internal areas
  • Reinforced concrete floor slab with anti-dust coating
  • Reinforced concrete façades in the anteroom area to increase the performance of the building
  • Unloading and loading docks are equipped with 2 dock levellers for small and large tonnage vehicles
  • Unloading at - 1.1m from floor level
  • Use of budget forklifts, hand stackers and hydraulic trolleys for handling loads
  • Possibility to install additional unloading and storage equipment
Our advantages
Modern format of Light industrial - modular production and logistics complex, which is in high demand among small and medium-sized businesses, including small-scale production, transport and logistics services, e-commerce, food preparation, order delivery points, etc.
Capsule concept
Capsule business concept: small-format and multi-purpose spaces. Availability in one place of production facilities that meet specific production conditions, storage and exhibition space, showrooms, offices, meeting rooms, etc.
Modular system
Modular system of premises configuration: possibility of combining and separating premises of different types, increase of blocks, different configurations of mezzanine, office space.
Demand far outstrips supply.
Excellent transport accessibility and convenient location.
Phased construction
It is possible to build facilities and commission them in stages, as well as to develop the complex by adapting the facilities to meet any needs of tenants.
Characteristics of a typical module
1 470 sq.m.
Total area
typical module
1 120 sq.m.
Floor area
typical module
350 sq.m.
Mezzanine floor area
in a typical module
  • Working height 10m - distance from floor to trusses
  • Mezzanine at a height of 5.8m from the floor
  • Column spacing 18*24m, without vertical connections
  • Unloading at - 1,1m from the floor level
  • 4 Gates for lorry loading
  • Up to 5 levels - placement of loads on shelving at 0.000 level
  • 6 tonnes/m2 - load on warehouse floors at 0.000 level
  • From 5.8m - storage of goods on mezzanine (floor storage)
  • 250 kg/m2 - load on the office floor at 5.8m level
  • 500 kg/m2 - load on the mezzanine floor at 5.8m level
  • 30 kW - electricity supply for a typical module
  • 60 kWh - heat supply for a typical module
  • 50 m3/day - water supply per standard module
  • 6 m3/hour - gas supply for a typical module
typical module
There is an option for our customers to choose their own customised unit:

1/2 of the typical module - unit (min)

Floor area 560 sq.m. +
mezzanine 175 sq.m.

  • 1 typical module
Floor area 1120 sq.m. +
mezzanine 350 sq.m.

  • 1+1/2 typical module
Floor area 1680 sq.m. +
mezzanine 525 sq.m

  • 2 typical modules, etc.
Floor area 2240 sq.m. +
mezzanine 700 sq.m
Possibility to modify the mezzanine to enlarge the warehouse, office,
mini-production, showroom:

  • Typical mezzanine from 175 sq.m.

  • Office on the area of a typical mezzanine from 45 sq.m.

  • Office and extended mezzanine

  • Mezzanine - full 2nd floor

• Open-plan layout, bathroom in each block, office finishing (optional)
• Office space with a ceiling height of 3.3 m
• Central communication systems, security and fire alarm system
• LED and natural lighting
Care and health
By taking a people-centred approach to the design of our facilities, we aim to enhance the daily lives and well-being of our customers' employees through spaces specifically designed for socialising, exercising, eating, taking breaks and more. Whether it's maximising natural light in work areas, workstation and landscape design, employee showers, etc., we strive to create the right conditions for people to feel good about themselves at our facilities.

Health and wellbeing

  • Catering facilities
  • Sports halls and grounds
  • Public conference and recreational facilities
  • 24-hour public showers
  • Car parks for private vehicles
  • Car parks for lorries, with equipped rest areas.

Caring for the environment

  • Rainwater harvesting system
  • Smart LED lights with motion sensors
  • Electric vehicle charging station
  • Solar panels on the roof of buildings (Optional)
  • Biodiversity-friendly landscaping concept

Management company

  • Cleaning of public premises, sorting and removal of rubbish
  • Technical maintenance
  • Security and access control, video surveillance
  • Cleaning of the territory, landscape maintenance, gardening
  • 24x7 operation and access of owners / tenants

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